The FIEP (French acronym for France-Italie-Espagne-Portugal, which are the first four “historic” members) is an association consisting of the police forces with military status of the Euro-Mediterranean area.

Founded in 1994, it included then the French National Gendarmerie, the Italian Carabinieri Corps and the Spanish Civil Guard. It was quickly joined by the Portuguese National Republican Guard in 1996, then by the Turkish Gendarmerie in 1998, the Dutch Royal Marechaussee and the Moroccan Gendarmerie royale both in 1999, the Romanian Gendarmerie in 2002 and the Jordanian Gendarmerie Forces in 2011. The Argentinian Gendarmeria nacional and the Chilean Carabinieros joined the association as Associate Members in 2005 and the Qatari Internal Security Force Lekhwiya in 2013. The Tunisian national Guard became a member in 2016. The Ukrainian National Guard and the Palestinian national security Forces followed in 2017, as did but as Associate member the Brazilian State Military Police and Military Fire Brigades. Finally, the Djibouti National Gendarmerie has become an Observer during the Summit of October 2017.


How to become a Member of the Association:

The interested Force Commander presents an official request to the FIEP Presidency. Several steps are undertaken as follows:

  • Some representatives are invited to present the Force, its status and its missions during one of the Commissions.
  • Then, an evaluation team, composed of several members of the Association, performs a fact-finding mission in the candidate Force.
  • This team proposes a recommandation on the opportunity to welcome the candidate.
  • If the Senior Council agrees on the admission of the Force, it is granted the Observer status for a one-year period, in order to verify the structural similarities and institutional affinity of the candidate.
  • After this period, and upon decision of the Senior Council, the Observer becomes Member or Associate Member, depending on its geographical location inside or outside the Euro-Mediterranean area.Fiep_divider