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International Affairs Commission

The meetings of the International Affairs Commission 2022, organized under the aegis of the Portuguese Presidency, were held by Videoconference from January 26 to May 17, 2022, focusing on the development of structured analysis and the subsequent drafting of academic papers to be gathered together for a joint publication entitled "Overcoming Security Threats arising from [...]

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Human Resources Commission

The 2022 Human Resources Commission meetings, organized under the Portuguese Presidency, were held by Videoconference on 08 and 10 March 2022, focused on the subtheme "Impact of Predictive Policing on Human Resources Management in the era of Globalization 4.0 ". The aim was to analyse the impacts that the adoption of Predictive Policing models and [...]

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New Technologies & Logistics Commission

The first 2022 Commission meetings, organized under the Portuguese Presidency, were held by Videoconference on 18 and 20 January 2022. In light of the theme "Security Threats arising from Globalization 4.0" established for 2022, the New Technologies and Logistics (NTL) Commission focused on the subtheme "Artificial Intelligence applied to policing – Predictive Policing". The growing [...]

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The Guarda Nacional Republicana of Portugal takes over from Morocco the presidency of the FIEP.

On October 27, the Guarda Nacional Republicana of Portugal took over the FIEP Presidency, praising the excellent work carried out by the Moroccan Presidency that, at such a complex and challenging time, marked by a pandemic on a global scale, skilfully and efficiently managed to adapt the working mechanisms, ensuring the functioning of our FIEP [...]

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