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How to keep mountain sports a pleasure

Practising any of these sports over the summer?

trekking and trailing
white water sports
via ferrata

Here are some advices to safely enjoy them, as well as helpful information in the event of an accident occuring in France.

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“Plan tourisme 2017″ in France

The French Ministry of Interior has set new commitments to reinforce the safety of tourists in France:

– Reinforcing the security of the tourist areas (to be implement before summer) and developing European police stations.
– Strengthening security investments in tourist and cultural sites, including performing arts.
– Creation of a coordinating “safety – tourism” structure in each […]

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In the skiing areas:
– respect all signs and markings
– do not forget priorities that may exist
– adapt your speed to the visibility conditions and to the other skiers

If going outside of the skiing areas:
– preparation is the key to success, thus to enjoy oneself!
– take the appropriate equipment (food, phone)
– tell your family/friends about your […]

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Web surfing: protect yourself


… at least 12 characters long, chosen from all types existing: letters (capital and lowercase),  numbers, and special characters.

… anonymous: avoid all personal data in your password (birthday, names etc).
… not in your computer: when logging in, never tick the “Remember me” box.


– “Googlize” yourself regularly
– 3 must have: […]

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Stay safe for Christmas and New Year celebrations

Pickpockets, thieves in car parks… Don’t be on their shopping list!
The Festive season has arrived, Christmas markets and shopping centres attract everyone… including thieves.
Here are some advice to keep thieves away from your car and how to foil the plans of pickpockets.

Christmas markets, shopping centres… Don’t be on the thieves’ shopping list!
I park my car […]

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Connected travellers? Protect your data abroad!

Using smartphones, laptops and tablets eases and hastens the transportation and exchange of data. Among the information registered on these device, some can be highly sensitive, be they for ourselves or for the firm we belong to. Their loss, their seizure or their theft can have major consequences on our activities. Thus, we must protect […]

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Pokemon go: Pikachu can wait!

Road safety, thefts, public order issues… Pokemon go is real fun but it may pose real risks. For your safety and the others’, be responsible and careful in your Pokemon search.

The Pokemon-Go game has been very popular since its creation. Unfortunately, several accidents have taken place. To avoid them, here are some pieces of advice […]

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It’s great fun at the beach, but do you know how to keep safe?

Vamos a la  Playa! If you  are a follower of beach party?? Be careful and avoid the risks of drowning.
Before and during your bathing, respect these safety instructions:

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France welcomes the world with the Euro 2016 !

Everywhere in France, thousands of policemen, gendarmes, fire brigade, first-aid workers and emergency physicians will be mobilized  for the Euro 2016.
So that this event remains a party, here is some advice.


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Webcam blackmail: protect your e-reputation

Webcam blackmail happens when a cyber crook threatens to spread a private video unless he receives money rapidly.

How to react and protect your e-reputation?

1- Do not answer to the cyber crook

2- Lock your accounts on the social networks

3- Take screenshots of the threats

4- Report the scam attempt to the police or gendarmerie services

5- Confide in […]

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