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The joy of sailing

How to make your navigation safe, How to react when receiving a MAYDAY. Sailing advice Make sure your nautical license and statutory documentation is up to date. Check that your vessel is sea worthy and that communication and other equipment is operating properly. Check the weather forecast for the area where you intend to sail. [...]

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Safe journey

By car, motorcycle or public transport, at home or abroad, every journey must seriously prepared. Get all the information before and always remain careful to fully appreciate it. Preparing for your journey Before traveling, obtain travel information from the Traffic Information Centre by calling 011 (Spain number), or the Dirección General de Tráfico website www.dgt.es. [...]

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Take precautions to prevent mountains accidents

Mountain in winter and summer remain a popular destination for recreational and sport activities. However, some basic precautions must be taken to prevent accidents.   Advice on how to move in the mountains safely A high percentage of accidents that occur in the mountain happen due to human error that can nearly always be avoided [...]

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Be careful during water activities

At sea, on the rivers and lakes,summer rhymes with water activities. For swimming and recreational navigation remain a moment of pleasure, it's important to be cautious. Which precautions should we take to avoid fun to turn into tragedy. At the sea On the beach In order to stay safe on the beach, the authorities have [...]

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Remain vigilant against car thefts

Such events can turn a day at the beach or a nice evening at the restaurant in far less agreeable moments... Learn how to avoid having your car robbed.  Park your car in a busy, well-lit environment. Do not leave personal items at sight, neither in the glove compartment nor in the boot. Keep your [...]

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How to prevent Burglaries

It's time to go on holidays ? Here are some useful things to do to protect your house from burglars.   Protect the access to your house 1 Remember to lock all the openings (doors, windows, garage) and close the shutters at night 2 Install outdoor motion detector lights for your yard 3 Put grills on [...]

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How to drive safely on the motorway

How to drive safely on the motorway... or how to reach your destination without any harm. I respect the speed limits I drive on the right side of the road and I use the turn signals I respect the safety distance I do not drive on the hard shoulder I  slow down while driving in [...]

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