//FIEP Service Organization Commission in Lisbon, Portugal

FIEP Service Organization Commission in Lisbon, Portugal

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The Commission took place in Lisbon, Portugal on 24th and 25th of May 2017, together with FIEP seminar “Transnational Movement of Waste” 색칠공부.

During the last commission under the Jordanian Presidency, the discussions focused on the FIEP strategy and evolution, statute amendments, FIEP library , the preparation of the FIEP Summit as well as the upcoming Presidency and other important issues such as pursuing the process of admission of new forces within the Association Download the Three Kingdoms Shinzo Zojo.

A presentation was delivered on the”Process of Refugee and the intervention of  Portuguese LE” in line with general theme “Migrants Crisis : Balance between protection of migrants  and  national  security”  in term of Service Organization perspective Cortana.

2017 05 Meeting room Lisbon v22017 05 Lisbon -Family photo v2

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