///Stay safe for Christmas and New Year celebrations

Stay safe for Christmas and New Year celebrations

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Pickpockets, thieves in car parks… Don’t be on their shopping list 미국 웹하드!
The Festive season has arrived, Christmas markets and shopping centres attract everyone… including thieves.

Here are some advice to keep thieves away from your car and how to foil the plans of pickpockets 모닝와이드 3부 다운로드.


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Christmas markets, shopping centres… Don’t be on the thieves’ shopping list Download Sesame Street!
I park my car in a crowded and well lit area
I leave all gifts and valuables out of sight
I keep my driving licence and car registration documents with me
I close the windows and lock the doors of my car
I go shopping with my handbag zipped and carried with a shoulder strap

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