//Seminar in Amsterdam

Seminar in Amsterdam

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From 18-21 February 2019 a seminar on the topic of ‘Gendarmerie-like forces in future international missions’ was hosted in Amsterdam, the Netherlands 배달의민족 연성체 다운로드.

In advance to the seminar several attendees from the member forces had written papers on the topic.
During the seminar they jointly discussed the possibilities and issues they foresee for the participation of gendarmerie-like forces in future international missions, such as those under United Nations, NATO or European Union command Download optical flares.

Apart from their own papers the participants received further context from two speakers from the Faculty of Military Science of the Netherlands Defence Academy Iguru. Professor Theo Brinkel gave an introduction on the topic by discussing vulnerability and resilience.
René Moelker subsequently spoke on safety and the security paradox Chrome Naver blog video.



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