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The FIEP organisation

The FIEP is organised around a Senior Council and four technical commissions.

The Senior Council
The Senior Council of Directors/ Commanding Generals is made up of members of Gendarmeries and Police Forces who are Members of the Association. During its annual meeting, it defines the general policy and program for each commitment undertaken by the Association.

Technical commissions
Each commission meets once a year and consists of experts of the Member forces on the chosen topic by the Presidency.

  • “Human Resources” commission
  • “Service organisation” commission
  • “New technologies and Logistics” commission
  • “International Affairs” commission

Each Commission operates in coordination with the Presidency, and in accordance with the instructions provided by the Senior Council.

At the end of each year, the Secretariat of the Presidency presents the results of the work performed by the Commissions, together with the plans proposed for any particular sector, notified by the leading Institution to the Senior Council of Directors/Commanding Generals for approval. Each Commission is hosted, on a rotational basis, by a Member based on an calendar.


Presidency of the Association

The Presidency of the association is appointed annually by rotation among the Directors/Commanding Generals.
Apart from representing the Association, the Chairman is the element responsible for the smooth flow and coordination of all initiatives, and therefore is called upon to oversee, control and evaluate the programs decided by the Senior Council, assisted by the secretariat of the Chairman.

The Presidency is assisted by a secretariat.