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In the skiing areas: - respect all signs and markings - do not forget priorities that may exist - adapt your speed to the visibility conditions and to the other skiers If going outside of the skiing areas: - preparation is the key to success, thus to enjoy oneself! - take the appropriate equipment (food, [...]

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Connected travellers? Protect your data abroad!

Using smartphones, laptops and tablets eases and hastens the transportation and exchange of data. Among the information registered on these device, some can be highly sensitive, be they for ourselves or for the firm we belong to. Their loss, their seizure or their theft can have major consequences on our activities. Thus, we must protect [...]

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Pokemon go: Pikachu can wait!

Road safety, thefts, public order issues... Pokemon go is real fun but it may pose real risks. For your safety and the others', be responsible and careful in your Pokemon search. The Pokemon-Go game has been very popular since its creation. Unfortunately, several accidents have taken place. To avoid them, here are some pieces of [...]

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Webcam blackmail: protect your e-reputation

Webcam blackmail happens when a cyber crook threatens to spread a private video unless he receives money rapidly. How to react and protect your e-reputation? 1- Do not answer to the cyber crook 2- Lock your accounts on the social networks 3- Take screenshots of the threats 4- Report the scam attempt to the police [...]

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Time to go to the mountain for a break?

Here are some information to enjoy your time without unexpected incidents.   1 / Before heading off to the mountain   2 /Going out of the tracks: prepare your cross country ski or snowshoe hike carefully   3 /What to do if you get lost or wounded ? :  Think "GENDLOC"

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Prevention against online identity theft

Each year, tens of thousands of people are victim of online identity theft. What about you? What to do if you are concerned?   Opened Facebook page showing your holidays as a profile picture, creation of a blog based on elements of your life, comments posted under your name, bank transaction or mail hacking... These [...]

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