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General Directorate of the Gendarmerie of Jordan

Introduction :

His Majesty King Abdullah II issued his royal decree  to form a General Directorate of Gendarmerie on January 16th 2008. And in July 10th 2008 the law of the year 2008 no (34) was issued and was called the Gendarmerie Forces law where it has formed and called the General Directorate of Gendarmerie Forces linked with Ministry of Interior  Affairs for the sake of creating an independent specialized force for dealing with exceptional security conditions through a preventive and curative strategy with civilized security methods in order to maintain security and order in consistency with respected laws and human rights to enhance the feelings of comfort and tranquility for all individuals of society and it is considered a part of low enforcement witch implements its duties 24/7.

The General Directorate of Gendarmerie has a vision , mission and values:


Towards an excellent security organization at the local, regional and international levels which is able to contribute effectively in enhancing security and internal stability.


To perform a major roles in maintaining security and order through applying the best practices utilizing human recourses and comprehensive knowledge which provide high degree of security and assurance  for both citizens and  residents.


Respect for human right, affiliation loyalty, work as one team spirit, integrity and transparency, specialization and professionalism Excellency at work integration and partnership with others, continuous training, development and change toward widely experience in dealing with crises.

After being integrated in the police 1946, the Jordanian Gendarmerie in its present form is based on the Royal decree of King Abdullah II on 16 January 2008. Pushing back the role of the Armed Forces in the internal security of Jordan, the Royal decree separated the Special Security Forces from the Public Security Directorate and restructured these Forces into the General Directorate of Gendarmerie (Darak) Forces.

Political dependence
The Jordanian Gendarmerie is part of the Jordanian Security Forces, and subordinated directly to the Ministry of Interior. The Jordanian Gendarmerie can be considered as a police force between the armed forces and the police.

Missions and tasks
The mission of the Jordanian Gendarmerie is to maintain security and order to achieve the feeling of comfort and assurance for all Society individual.

The Force has a number of roles, including special operations; supporting the Public Security Directorate in emergency situations; riot control; providing security at sensitive installations such as banks, power plants and oil refineries, as well as vital tourism locations; and ensuring the security of foreign diplomatic missions in Jordan. The Gendarmerie also has the role of assisting the Public Security Directorate in quelling disorder in Jordanian prisons. Applying the respective laws, and after request, the Gendarmerie Forces can also assist other security agencies. Since 2009, the police air wing is also operational available for the Gendarmerie.

In short, the mission is carried out through the following tasks:
–    Public surveillance and crime prevention;
–    Protection of people and property;
–    Physical protection of installations;
–    Public order and anti-riot;
–    Counter-terrorism;
–    Explosive ordnance disposal;
–    Special operations;
–    Information gathering and intelligence;
–    Intervention in civil emergencies and natural disasters;
–    Relief and rescue operations;

The Gendarmerie Forces participate in civil emergency operations.

The Jordanian Gendarmerie Forces cooperate on a regular base at the national level with other security forces. The gendarmerie Forces have already established cooperation with international law enforcement agencies (USA, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Morocco, Canada, Austria, Brazil, Algeria, Kuwait, Germany, China etc.).

The Jordanian Gendarmerie has a MP unit which monitors the discipline of the members of the Gendarmerie.

Public security responsibilities
The Jordanian Gendarmerie Forces are deployed throughout the country, and can exercise their responsibilities according the respective laws. This includes security responsibility over Jordanian citizens.

The total current strength is approximately 15.000, including Generals, Officers, NCOs and soldiers. While having a military statute, the Jordanian Gendarmerie operates under civilian Chain of Command and reports to judicial authorities.

The structure of the Jordanian Gendarmerie consist of an Headquarters (HQ) or General directorate, located in Amman, Regional Units (in the North, Centre, and South), and Specialized and Stand-by Units. The HQ encompasses the departments of Administration and manpower, Operations and training, Public Relations, Legal Affairs, Security Information, Finance, a Strategic Security Studies Centre, and Secretariat. Each regional directorate consists of 3 to 4 Gendarmerie Battalions. The Specialized and Stand-by Units consist of:  Unit 14, 1 Diplomatic protection directorate, and 4 Special task Gendarmerie directorate.

Relationship with other police forces
The relationship between Jordanian Gendarmerie and the Police is built on cooperation and clear understanding of each other’s roles.
The Jordanian Gendarmerie also cooperates with the following security-related organizations: Jordanian Intelligence Department, National Security Council, Customs, Border Guards, Bedouin police, Armed Forces and Special forces (providing assistance in the form of operational security).

Recruitment and training
In search for reaching the highest level of professionalism & recognition, gradual changes were made in the training ideology of the Gendarmerie Forces. During their career, officers and NCO’s get both career courses, and specialist training to meet the (operational) requirements for the next function

Logistic capabilities
The Jordanian Gendarmerie Forces have all necessary logistic capabilities, including transport, Communications and Information Systems (CIS), medical assistance, weaponry, special equipment, and field accommodation.

International Cooperation
The Jordanian Gendarmerie has established relations with European partners like the gendarmeries of Italy, Spain, France, Romania, and the Netherlands, the United States, and units equivalent to its own Unit 14.

The Jordanian Gendarmerie plays a key role in the police training of police organisations in the region (e.g. Palestine Police, Iraqi Police).
Peace Keeping Missions
The Jordanian Gendarmerie Force participated in the following peace keeping operations: