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Lekhwiya force:

The word of Lekhwiya meaning

Authentic word driven from Qatari heritage origin word (khoi) brother used previously by the Qatari people for the tribesmen close to the ruler who collect tax and maintenance of security , integrity of society and define the homeland driven by the love of god and patriotism and love of the leader .

Establishment Law.

Organized by the law no° 12 for the year of 2003, which first article stated the establishment of regular armed security force called “the internal security force” connected directly to His highness the Emir.

Vision :

The vision of Lekhwiya aiming for secure and stable country where everyone is blessed security, bearing in mind the security of the individual and community in order to maintain the progress and prosperity the people of Qatar have.

The Message:

the message of Lekhwiya is to maintain the integrity of the nation and ensure the country`s security and the protection of the individual to counter the disorder working in transparency and sincerity achieving the highest degree of fairness and integrity.

Goal :

The means of Lekhwiya is to establish a shining glory and building a prosperous society, in a sustainable security.

Culture :

The Lekhwiya inspired the principle of faith in god and draws its values if our glorious heritage, and to be lighten by the human civilization through its service to the community and to reflect the love of homeland.

Specialties :

According to the law the force is supporting body to the competent organs of the state, and to counter terrorist acts , and ensure safety of VIP and secure the route of his Highness the Emir and the crown prince and the dignitaries , combating smuggling and illegal entry of the state , environment violation , securing coasts and territorial waters , and respond to the acts of riot , security major international and regional conference and events , dealing with explosives materials , take the necessary security measures to maintain the safety and public prosperity , securing public facilities .

The force is order to practice its duties and coordinate and exchange of intelligence with the relevant organization locally and internationally , conducting security patrol in order to ensure the security and public order , search and investigates crimes within its jurisdictions , to be member of force of the law   officers and noncommissioned officers and individuals , regarding the implementation of the provision of this law and validity of judicial officers to their counterparts from police in the code of criminal procedure.


Special Operations Unit:

It’s the main supporter of the Lefdawiya Unit and its duties contain Control of various types of riot actions and stop sit-ins situations, securing conference and sport competitions as well as occasions. Also to secure important facilities in a usual circumstances and this Unit also conduct Combat Tasks.

Some of its remarkable contributions were participation in UN Peace keeping mission in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

The Unit works according to strategic plan for development program of its members.

Communication & Operation Group.

This Unit has the latest communications equipments in the region used in support for all Units of the force one of its main duties is surveillance duties through the control room and it’s have the abilities and backup plans in case of emergency.

Its members are up to date with the latest technologies through continues training.

The Mobile Hospital

It is one of its kinds in the region it was designed specially to meet the demands of the force. And it’s to be supporting Unit for the Medical Unit .it’s used in the emergency Cases in addition to Lekhwiya participation internationally in humanitarian Aid Cases, the mobile hospital containing operation room for urgent and small surgeries the full capacity of the hospital is 8 persons also there is equipped laboratory for most of the medical investigations also there is pharmacy and mobile x ray device ,ultra sound ECG and defibrillator 4 suctions devices and 7 blood pressure devices. And there is very qualified medical staff, in addition to this mobile hospital there is the oxygen room the biggest in the region with 12 patient capacity and 6 session a day making the total number per day 72 patient .

Patrols & Motorcade Unit:

One of the famous Unit among the Public for its continuing Patrols of city streets some of its duties is to secure VIPs convoys and roads also its have significant support to the traffic Police in controlling the traffic flow and suspension of illegal drivers and cars, also its conduct random searches and its directly linked with the Communications and Operations Unit.


The word lefdawiya is driven from traditional Qatari language was used for the armed men securing the country.

The duties of lefdawiya is to Combat all type of terrorism   group and securing VIPs personals with special security requirements and to arrest perpetrators and those who are wanted for justices with also duties to counter drug traffickers.

The Unit is trained and developed through continues program that provide real-deal experience and combat environment to be ready for deployment anytime.

The explosive Unit:

This Unit works under complete integrated system inside the force its consist of five batons each one Is ready at anytime ,the defuse baton is specialized in dealing with suspicious subjects also its supervise storage of fireworks where the search batons is specialized in securing all type of events   also there is chemical baton which deals with the chemical and radiations and biological materials also the workshop baton is specialized in maintenance of the equipments used and how its effective finally there is the K9 unit which deals with security of public events and search of explosive materials.