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Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (RNLM) is a gendarmerie corps, i.e. a police corps with military status. Marechaussee personnel are both military and police personnel. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee is deployable in all situations at home and abroad in the interests of security, especially when the going gets tough. The RNLM is deployed to areas of strategic importance, from palaces and airports in the Netherlands to Europe’s external borders, as well as to conflict areas and theatres of war anywhere in the world. Within the Netherlands Defence organization, the RNLM also functions as a military police force.

Tasks at home and abroad
The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee carries out a wide variety of tasks.

Military police tasks
The Marechaussee acts as a police force for all Defence elements. For example, RNLM personnel investigate criminal offences committed by military personnel. RNLM personnel also escort military convoys and carry out patrols.

Border police
In the Netherlands, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee also acts as the border police. RNLM personnel check persons crossing the border and combat cross-border crime at all locations where it is in the interests of the Netherlands. These tasks are mainly carried out in the Netherlands itself and at Europe’s external borders.

Security and surveillance
The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee is responsible for ensuring that installations and persons vital to the State are able to function without disruption. RNLM personnel provide personal protection to the members and palaces of the Royal House, as well as to senior politicians and diplomats. They also protect civil aviation organizations against terrorism and escort security transports of the Central Bank of the Netherlands.

Assistance for maintaining public order and safety
The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee Special Assistance Unit helps to maintain public order when the RNLM riot control unit requires assistance. The Special Assistance Unit can also be deployed worldwide in support of local police forces in the event of disasters or conflicts.

Criminal investigation
RNLM criminal investigators investigate criminal offences such as human trafficking and people-smuggling, but also criminal offences committed by military personnel.

Police tasks in the Caribbean
The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee carries out police tasks in the Caribbean territories of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, particularly for military personnel stationed in the area. In addition, the Marechaussee also carries out border control duties, lends support in the monitoring of illegal aliens, and combats serious violence, drugs crime and illegal migration.

Police missions
Royal Netherlands Marechaussee personnel also take part in military missions, where they carry out policing tasks. In addition, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee participate in dedicated police missions.

Ceremonial tasks
The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee also carries out ceremonial tasks, when it essentially acts as the calling card of the Netherlands. Ceremonial tasks are performed during visits by foreign heads of state, for example, and also include escorts of honour by Royal Netherlands Marechaussee motorcyclists.




The website: www.defensie.nl/organisatie/marechaussee