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On October 27, the Guarda Nacional Republicana of Portugal took over the FIEP Presidency, praising the excellent work carried out by the Moroccan Presidency that, at such a complex and challenging time, marked by a pandemic on a global scale, skilfully and efficiently managed to adapt the working mechanisms, ensuring the functioning of our FIEP Association.

Portugal will now be responsible for coordinating the cooperation between our gendarmeries during the year 2022, promoting joint initiatives and projects, aggregating the common interests of various members, as the driving force that encourages the close relationship and promotes the sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices.

Bearing in mind the significant changes we are currently witnessing in technology, geopolitics, the environment and society, deeply affected by digital transformation, we are quickly rushing towards a new phase of global cooperation: Globalisation 4.0.

In this new era, the current phenomena and challenges, whether criminal, social, political, economic or of any other nature, impose the union of efforts, which are increasingly fundamental to anticipate, prevent or respond efficiently to the emerging and cross-cutting needs of the various countries.

As such, the Portuguese Presidency of the FIEP Association aims to focus on the theme “Security and threats arising from Globalisation 4.0”.

The work programme for 2022 has four main goals:

1. Reflect on the technological developments in artificial intelligence, applied to Predictive Policing models, as a means to enhance the capabilities and efficiency of the Security Forces;

2. Analyse the impacts that the adoption of Predictive Policing models and the use of technology have on Human Resources management, in order to increase the efficiency of human action;

3. Promote analysis on strategies and best practices to cope with key security threats and challenges in the era of Globalisation 4.0, collating knowledge in a FIEP Association reference publication;

4. Promote sharing of information and mutual knowledge on the structures that each Force has at its disposal to deal with international affairs, discussing improvements and models to follow, in order to foster efficient cooperation and networking.

Considering the current global uncertainties and technological transformation, the Portuguese Presidency will aim at:

stimulate the modernisation and resilience of our Forces;

enhance the quality and empathy generated by our operational product;

prompt an indispensable analysis of the current context and prediction of future challenges; and also

prompt transparency and the sharing of information and experiences, which, as a whole, allow the Gendarmeries to be affirmed as a model of Police excellence.