//Pokemon go: Pikachu can wait!

Pokemon go: Pikachu can wait!

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Road safety, thefts, public order issues… Pokemon go is real fun but it may pose real risks Replay. For your safety and the others’, be responsible and careful in your Pokemon search.

pokemongoThe Pokemon-Go game has been very popular since its creation 성경 mp3. Unfortunately, several accidents have taken place. To avoid them, here are some pieces of advice to avoid any trouble when you play.

→ never go hunting alone, especially for the younger players Download Lucifer Season 4.

→ never enter private properties or sensitive sites.

→ be vigilant regarding the places where the game takes you, since the geolocation of you phone may turn you into a target Motorola pc sync.

→ explain these limits to the children, who should also be told to beware of strangers and to be careful about the apps they download, which can gather their personal data 뉴 페이스 mp3 다운로드.

→ engrossed in the search for Salameche or Bulbizarre, do not put yourself in danger, nor the other people on the road or in the streets (be they on foot, by bike or by car): do not hunt Pokemons when driving and be careful during your pedestrian quests 마르코폴로 시즌2 다운로드!


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