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The Kuwaiti National Guard organized the Human Resources (HR) Commission of the FIEP Association from 11 to 14 of December 2023. It was the first commission organized under the mandate of the current Italian Presidency of FIEP, assumed on October 25 2023 by the Commanding General of the Arma dei Carabinieri, Lt. Gen. Teo Luzi. The works of the Italian Presidency are carried out around the main topic of debate “Protecting biodiversity and ecosystems: how Gendarmery-Type Forces (GTF) fight environmental crimes”.

Representatives from “gendarmerie-type forces” and police forces with military status gathered in Kuwait City where after several sessions of meetings the experts agreed to further promote the exchange of experiences and information to better understand the different processes and structures related to recruitment and training, as well as to analyse the development of skills and needs focused on the environmental crimes.

It was underlined that after the presentations and discussions carried during the experts’ meeting the proposals agreed as key takeaways were:

  • environmental protection is one of the fundamental principles underpinning the broader objective of law enforcement. in a perspective in which the environmental issue, besides being a scientific question, is also a geopolitical security issue, the gendarmeries represented here have also to cope with the difficult and changing operational conditions due to climate change by updating our modus operandi. hence the need to promote a common strategic vision in the international arena and an active reflection on forms of police cooperation;
  • the environmental issue, due to the complex nature of the topics dealt with, cannot be exhaustibly face within a specific sector, but should instead be the result of interdisciplinary and coordinated paths. therefore, what emerges above all is the need for a holistic and multidimensional approach in the common conviction that the most fruitful way to appropriable address such complex topics is to develop a dialogue based on pluralism of methods.