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The New Technologies and Logistics Commission was held in Madrid, Spain, between 27th and 28th of January 2016. 0014-Representantes miembros de FIEP

The discussions focused on different aspects of common interest in the field of new technologies and logistics, such as:
• the use of the Internet in C2 system (Command & Control) in managing the crisis situations;
• categories of ammunition used by the antiterrorist intervention forces;
• use of new materials and technologies for individual protection of antiterrorist personnel;
• vehicles’ accessorizing in order to increase the response capacity of the antiterrorist intervention forces.
All the presentations were in accordance with this year’s general theme – Prevention of radicalization and exploitation of intelligence in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism.
The discussions continued by establishing the demarches to be made in order to spread the FIEP model in other sub-regions, to improve the Association’s visibility and communication among its members and also, to pursue the process of admission of new forces within the Association.

Furthermore, all training efforts and cooperation projects were encouraged, the increase of the experience exchanges, training courses and seminars being one of the major objectives established during the Romanian Presidency.