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The 2022 Service Organization Commission meetings, organized under the Portuguese Presidency, were held in Jordan, from 27 to 30 June 2022, focused on the subtheme “Evolution of Gendarmerie Structures to Enhance International Cooperation“.

The aim was to promote mutual knowledge on the structures that each Force has to cope with international affairs and to share best practices for enhancing police cooperation, bearing in mind the phenomena associated with globalization 4.0, in order to foster integrated and coordinated responses, capable of adapting to and coping with today’s challenges.

Evolution of Gendarmerie Structures to Enhance International Cooperation

In the era of Globalization 4.0, the current phenomena and challenges, whether criminal, social, political, economic or of any other nature, impose the union of efforts, which are increasingly fundamental to anticipate, prevent or respond efficiently to the emerging and crosscutting needs of the various countries.

Within the framework of International Cooperation, the creation or reinforcement of Strategic Partnerships is gradually assuming greater relevance, among which the FIEP Association stands out.

Access to a privileged network of contacts has become essential, especially between Partner Forces, in order to enhance and facilitate not only operational coordination but also the sharing of information, knowledge, experience and best practices.

To this extent, over the past few years, considering the urgency of external inter-institutional relations, each Force has been developing and adapting its organic structure to cope with international affairs, setting up specific bodies and/or departments, for which it is of the utmost interest to conduct an analysis and reflection, discussing improvements and models to follow, in order to foster efficient cooperation and networking

The Service Organization Commission meeting promoted the debate for mutual knowledge on the structures that each Force has to foster international synergies.

Among others, the following topics were addressed during the Service Organization Commission meetings:

  1. Strategy for international cooperation considering the Globalization 4.0
  2. International Cooperation Departments
    • Competences
    • Organization and key tasks
    • Structure and Staffing
    • Key competences and qualifications of Human Resources responsible for International Cooperation
  3. Current international engagement and priorities
  4. How to foster international cooperation/synergies among FIEP Members States
  5. Desirable future common projects among FIEP Members States

FIEP Members States shall foster greater cooperation and collaboration, improving knowledge and experiences sharing, such as tools and good practices, therefore boosting gendarmerie forces capabilities for an increasingly present future.