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  • During this event, the need to identify the latest research and technological innovations and best practices in the field of Cybersecurity was exposed in order to facilitate its strategic orientation in a global context without borders in the face of the emergence of a regional conflict.

24 of January 2023.-

The Djiboutian National Gendarmerie has organized the New Technologies and Logistics (NTL) Commission of the FIEP Association in the capital of the country between 22 to 26 of January 2029. A total of 29 representatives from “gendarmerie-type forces” and police forces with military status were received by the General Commander of the Djiboutian National Gendarmerie, Colonel Zakaria Hassan Aden.

This is the second commission organized under the mandate of the current Spanish Presidency of FIEP, assumed on October 26 by the General Director of the Guardia Civil, María Gámez Gámez. The works of the Spanish Presidency are carried out around the main topic of debate “Impact of a regional conflict on public security carried out in the sphere of competences of the gendarmerie forces”.

During the NTL Commission the representatives (Points of Contact) of the FIEP Association were updated about the activities to be carried out during 2023, such as the International Affairs Commission in Qatar, the Services Organization Commission in Senegal and, as an event of greater magnitude, the organization in Spain of the Superior Council of Commanders and General Directors of the FIEP Association, scheduled for the end of October 2023.

During the Meeting of Experts, the participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences related to threats to cybersecurity derived from a regional conflict, the identification of the different profiles and skills in the cyber field and their analysis to guide the training needs that an organization must adhere to.

In addition, the experts agreed to further promote the exchange of experiences and information to prepare an updated and consolidated list of what could be considered cyber threats derived from a regional conflict, as well as to share experience and national information on their digital proximity models to establish a relationship solid with the respective communities.

The FIEP Association was created in 1994, as an initiative of the Gendarmerie forces of France, Italy and Spain after a meeting held in the Circle National d’Armée in Paris on February the 18 of 1993. Soon after, in 1996 Portugal joined the Association and therefore the acronym that identifies the Association (FIEP) was set. Nowadays the FIEP Association gathers a total of 19 gendarmeries and police forces of a military nature with origins as diverse as Brazil, Tunisia, Kuwait, the Netherlands or Senegal, as well as the most recent incorporation of San Marino with an Observer status.

Through this international cooperation tool, the Institutions promote the exchange of information and experiences in various fields, such as the organization of the services, the use of new technologies, advances in human resources and logistics policies, in addition to sharing knowledge about international issues of interest, all in order to strengthen cooperation in the field of security and strengthen mutual relations.