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The Jandarma – Gendarmerie of the Republic of Türkiye – organized the Service Organization Commission of the FIEP Association in Ankara, from 4 to 7 June 2024.

This was the last Commission organized under the mandate of the current Italian Presidency of FIEP, assumed last 25 October by the Commander General of the Carabinieri, Lt. Gen. Teo Luzi. The work of the Italian Presidency develops around the main theme of the debate “Protection of biodiversity and ecosystems: how Gendarmerie-type forces fight environmental crimes”.

The FIEP Association was created in 1994, on the initiative of the Gendarmerie Forces of France, Italy and Spain, after a meeting held at the National Army Club in Paris on 18 February 1993. Shortly afterwards, in 1996, Portugal joined joined the Association. and therefore the acronym that identifies the Association (FIEP) was established. Today the FIEP Association brings together a total of 21 gendarmerie and police forces of a military nature with origins as diverse as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Tunisia, Kuwait, the Netherlands or Senegal, San Marino, as well as the more recent incorporation of the Moldovan Carabinieri. with observer status.

Through this international cooperation instrument, the Institutions promote the exchange of information and experiences in various areas, such as the organization of services, the use of new technologies, the advancement of human resources and logistics policies, as well as the sharing of knowledge on international issues of interest, all with the aim of strengthening cooperation in the field of security and strengthening mutual relations.