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Family photoThe Carabinieri Advanced Institute for Investigative Techniques hosted, from 18th to 22nd May 2015, the international seminar “Cybercrime and terrorist threat in the Mediterranean area”.

This event, organized by the Italian Carabinieri at the above mentioned high specialized training centre, was officially opened by the Commander of the Special Operation Department (ROS), Brig.Gen. Mario PARENTE.

The panellists came from some International Organizations and the Academic world, as well as from the Judicial, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and several Law Enforcement Agencies. Worthy of mention, the presence, among the others, of experts coming from the “US Air Force Office of Special Investigations”, “EUROPOL”, “European Union Agency for Network and Information Security”, “United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime”, French National Gendarmerie, Spanish Guardia Civil, Algerian National Gendarmerie and Italian Carabinieri.

The 51 participants, coming from 23 different Law Enforcement Agencies of 4 continents, enjoyed a 5-day stay in the same Institute where the works took place.

The Seminar was made up of the following 3 panels: “The terrorist threat in the Mediterranean area”, “The use of cybercrime for terrorist purposes” and “Prevention and fight against cyberterrorism”.

The goal to be achieved was to share best practices on investigations concerning cybercrime, as well as on monitoring international social networks, focusing on the fight against religious radicalization.

In this view, the Director of the International Journal “LIMES” lectured on the geopolitical framework of the terrorist threat in the Mediterranean area, as well as on the networks utilized for proselytism and radicalization.

Thus, the audience could share experiences and initiatives from the respective Nations and were able to create a network aiming at exchanging information among representatives from Western and Arabic LEAs.

The last day, the 8 FIEP Members represented (Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Jordan, Chile and Qatar) partook in a closing session, designed as a roundtable, where operational approaches to tackle the topic were deepened.

The closing ceremony was presided over by the Deputy Commander of Italian Carabinieri Schools, Maj.Gen. Luigi CURATOLI, and by the Commander of the host institute, Col. Giuseppe CAVALLARI.