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  • During this event the need to promote the exchange of information related to the recruitment and training processes was The commitment to analyze the development of skills and needs focused on said processes arose in the event of a regional conflict.

The French National Gendarmerie organized the Human Resources (HR) Commission of the FIEP Association from 14 to 17 of November 2022. It was the first commission organized under the mandate of the current Spanish Presidency of FIEP, assumed on October 26 by the General Director of the Guardia Civil, María Gámez Gámez. The works of the Spanish Presidency are carried out around the main topic of debate “Impact of a regional conflict on public security carried out in the sphere of competences of the gendarmerie forces”.

A total of 37 representatives from “gendarmerie-type forces” and police forces with military status gathered in Paris where after several sessions of meetings the experts agreed to further promote the exchange of experiences and information to better understand the different processes and structures related to recruitment and training, as well as to analyze the development of skills and needs focused on the said processes in the event of a regional conflict.

During the HR Commission the representatives of the FIEP Association also reviewed the activities expected to be carried out during 2023, among which the New Technologies Commission in Djibouti, the International Affairs Commission in Qatar, the Organization of Services Commission in Senegal and, as the event of greater magnitude, the organization in Madrid of the Superior Council of Commanders and General Directors of the FIEP Association, scheduled for the end of October 2023.

The FIEP Association was created in 1994, as a initiative of the Gendarmerie forces of France, Italy and Spain after a meeting held in the Circle National d’Armée in Paris on the 18 of February 1993. Soon after, in 1996 Portugal joined the Association and therefore the acronym that identifies the Association (FIEP) was set. Nowadays the FIEP Association gathers a total of 19 gendarmeries and police forces of a military nature  with origins as diverse as Brazil, Tunisia, Kuwait, the Netherlands or Senegal, as well as the most recent incorporation of San Marino with an Observer status.

Through this international cooperation tool, the Institutions promote the exchange of information and experiences in various fields, such as the organization of the services, the use of new technologies, advances in human resources and logistics policies, in addition to sharing knowledge about international issues of interest, all in order to strengthen cooperation in the field of security and strengthen mutual relations.

A visit was paid to the premises of the Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale – GIGN where the participants received a presentation about the history, main tasks, responsibilities and capabilities of one of the most respected antiterrorist units in the world. The delegations also had acces to an exhibition of vehicles, weapons and police equipment, and the opportunity to attend in first person a simulation exercise by the GIGN staff in a hostage situation event.