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Using smartphones, laptops and tablets eases and hastens the transportation and exchange of data. Among the information registered on these device, some can be highly sensitive, be they for ourselves or for the firm we belong to. Their loss, their seizure or their theft can have major consequences on our activities. Thus, we must protect them from the risks and threats which are posed to them, especially when we travel abroad.

The French National Agency for Cybersecurity (Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information) has issued a guide which presents simple rules to reduce these risks and threats, so as to help the travellers protect their sensitive data as they ought to.


Before going on mission

read the security measures prepared by your organism

take notice of the local laws

use specific devices dedicated to the mission, which do not contain other data than what you need for the mission

save the data you take with you and keep the backup in a secure place, so that you are sure to find them when you are backconcept-de-connexion-reseau_1134-46

if possible, do not transport sensitive data with you, but recover them from where you are (e.g. through a dedicated email box which can carry encrypted documents)

use a screen protective filter

put a specific sign on your devices (such as a coloured sticker) so as to be sure they have not been exchanged



During the mission

keep your devices and documents with you

use strong passwords to protect the access to your devices

use an encryption software and never give sensitive information by phone

remember to erase the phone calls and navigation history

if your devices are inspected or seized by the authorities, inform immediately your organism

if a device or some data are lost or robbed, inform immediately your organism

do not use the devices which are offered to you (e.g. USB sticks), they can carry malwares

do not connect your devices to computers or peripherals which are not trustworthy

do not recharge your devices on self-service power supplies



elements-de-portables-icones_1010-506Before your return

transfer your data

erase your phone call and navigation history


After your mission

change all your passwords, which may have been intercepted without your knowledge

have your devices analysed



Photos and illustrations: Freepik