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It’s time to go on holidays ? Here are some useful things to do to protect your house from burglars.


imagesProtect the access to your house

1 Remember to lock all the openings (doors, windows, garage) and close the shutters at night

2 Install outdoor motion detector lights for your yard

3 Put grills on the basement windows and other openings

4 Install an alarm in your house

Leave signs of presence in your home

5 Avoid leaving away messages on your telephone answering machine or on the social networks

6 Have your mail collected in your mailbox or have it kept at the post office

7 Create the illusion of a presence in the house (leave a low-consumption lamp switched on or use a timer)

Inform your neighbours about your absence

8 Thus, your neighbour will be able to make your home “live” by checking the mail, opening the windows… This solidarity, in close coordination with the interior security forces, can prevent the theft attempts.

Inform the police or gendarmerie station about your travel

9 In some cases, you can fill in a form informing the security forces about your address, the period when you will be out and how to contact you, in order to allow them to check your house regularly while you’re away and to be able to reach you rapidly in case of a problem.

If you are victim of a theft

Do not touch anything

Protect the crime scene (entrance, rooms which were searched) from modifications in order to allow the police forces to collect evidence and to perform forensics investigations

Call immediately the closest police or gendarmerie station