//Implementation of the GIMAT-Module 3 “Urban crime, diffused criminality and control of areas at risk”. Chisinau (MOLDOVA), 18th-22nd May 2015

Implementation of the GIMAT-Module 3 “Urban crime, diffused criminality and control of areas at risk”. Chisinau (MOLDOVA), 18th-22nd May 2015

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From 18th to 22nd May 2015, the 3rd Module of the FIEP-TAIEX-GIMAT Project (Gendarmerie Immigration Mobile Assistance Teams) “Urban crime, diffused criminality and control of areas at risk” was implemented in favour of 30 Officers from the Moldovan Department of the Carabinieri Troops Download movie hua.

This event, officially opened by the Deputy Minister/Commander of the Carabinieri Troops – Col. Veaceslav CEBAN, took place upon an application to the European Commission within the framework and funding of the TAIEX instrument 포켓몬스터 옐로우 한글판.

The seminar was implemented by 9 experts coming from the EU Members of the FIEP Association (2 French National Gendarmerie, 3 Italian Carabinieri, 1 Spanish Guardia Civil, 1 Portuguese Guarda Nacional Republicana, 2 Romanian Gendarmerie) and chaired by Lt.Col Download the free version of easyForm. Antonio SERVEDIO, representative of the FIEP Member, the Italian Carabinieri, who promoted the elaboration of the FIEP-TAIEX-GIMAT project within the FIEP Association in 2006 Download the e-mail arrival beep.

The panellists lectured on some significant aspects related to the mentioned module and on some cross cutting issues, internationally recognised as milestone in the policing context: “International Police Protection of Human Rights”, “Fight against robberies, thefts, pick-pocketing, burglaries and crimes against property”, “Proximity and Community Policing”, “Hate Crimes”, “Fight against Organised Crime”, “Documents Fraud”, “Protection of Labour”, “Crimes committed by non residential and other moving communities”, “Police activity in assistance/detention centres”, “Public order at the borders or in occasion of riots/demonstrations of ethnic communities”, “International Police Cooperation” 이웃집 토토로.

The 30 Moldovan Carabinieri, coming from their headquarters and from all the territorial units, enjoyed a 5-day workshop which took place in a hotel located in the Moldovan capital, Chisinau Download the pledge.

The goal to be achieved was to gather capacities and best practices from different EU police forces, taking into account the need to enhance operational capabilities as well as the understanding of the respect and the protection of human rights, with special reference to the most vulnerable categories, in line with the EU legislation and policies Download the novel Land.

The audience debated and interacted with the chairman and the lecturers, thus sharing experiences, best practices and initiatives related to the panels presented 유튜브 라이브.

The closing ceremony was presided over by the First Deputy Commander, Chief of Staff of the Moldovan Department of the Carabinieri Troops, Col You download ed far away. Igor DRUTA, who, jointly with the aforementioned chairman, awarded a certificate of attendance to all participants.

After this 4th edition, the total number of participants in FIEP-TAIEX-GIMAT sessions are 140, namely: 29 in the 1st edition in Belarus, 33 in the 2nd edition in Jordan, 48 in the 3rd edition in Jordan Download sbs drama.


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