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The FIEPDG1 Summit took place in Paris on October 7th and 8th, 2015, under the chairmanship of the General Director of the French Gendarmerie Nationale, General Denis FAVIER. This concluded the French Presidency of the Association, which committed itself, in close partnership with the FIEP Members, to reinforcing the operational ambitions of FIEP, boosting the exchanges between experts and introducing specific works on deontology.


This Summit was the occasion to present the main achievements of the French Presidency to the Commanders and Directors of the FIEP Forces who attended this event.

• The works, organised around the topic of “the challenges of digital transformation”, led to high-level exchanges between the Forces’ experts during the four thematic commissions held throughout the year.
• In addition to these commissions, several events organised by the Members involved as well the FIEP network, thus providing wider experience and opportunities to the Forces:

o the international forum on cybersecurity in France;
o the training on the fight against illegal immigration in Moldova;passage de présidence
o the crisis management exercise in Romania;
o the seminar on “Cybercrime and terrorist threat in the Mediterranean area” and the course for negotiators in Italy;
o the tactical combat casualty care championship in Spain.

• The French gendarmerie general inspection led a specific pilot study on deontology, which has allowed to share and promote the practice of these rules within the FIEP Forces.
• Eventually, the Association welcomed two new Forces as Observers: the Tunisian National Guard and the Palestinian National Security Forces, thus strengthening the FIEP Euro-Mediterranean character.

This event Dronewas also the occasion to present a drones and intelligent vehicles demonstration in Versailles-Satory to the authorities. Several scenes illustrated the wide operational capabilities provided by these devices: public order missions, management of a plane accident scene in a contaminated area, detection and localisation of a malicious drone, high intensity intervention and remote control of a vehicle.
Finally, the General Director of the French Gendarmerie Nationale, General Denis FAVIER, handed over the FIEP Presidency to the General Commander of the Romanian Jandarmeria, Major General Mircea OLARU. The works of the year 2016 will be dedicated to the theme “prevention of radicalisation and exploitation of intelligence in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism”. This topical issue was introduced by Mr Gilles de Kerchove, EU coordinator for the fight against terrorism, who delivered a very interesting speech on the EU strategy developed to face this threat.