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On September 9th and 10th, 2015, a seminar on drones and intelligent vehicles gathered the FIEP gendarmerie forces in the general headquarters of the French gendarmerie nationale in Issy-les-Moulineaux.
This seminar took place within the works conducted by the association during the French presidency, which were dedicated in 2015 to the challenges of digital transformation.
Entitled “drones and intelligent vehicles: issues and challenges for security”, this seminar gathered several specialists from the FIEP forces as well as different interdepartmental and industrial high-level partners.
The works, which were introduced by the gendarmerie nationale deputy director of operations and doctrine, were built around three main themes:
• The drone as a friend, or how it is used by the internal security forces: development of the doctrine and concrete examples of the use of drones in the fulfilment of the day-to-day missions (public order, specialised intervention, crime scenes, surveillance of sensitive areas, mountain rescue, coherence with the 3D disposal…)
• The drone as a foe, or the malicious use of drones: what is the state of play of the legislation? What are the threats posed, especially after the flights over nuclear plants? How do the security forces react to these threats?
• The intelligent transportation systems, with the presentation of the newly created central observatory and of the anticipation actions led by the gendarmerie nationale, in particular GENDIAG and SCOOPAF projects.
Eventually, the GENDSAG quick DNA analysis system, developed by the gendarmerie nationale criminal research institute (IRCGN) was presented to the partners.
This seminar was the occasion to perform fruitful talks and exchanges between the FIEP experts on these forward-looking projects, thus contributing to the reinforcement of the cooperation between the members of the association.