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DSC_9597From June 1st to 4th, the FIEP Members met during the Service Organization Commission in Istanbul, Türkiye.

For this commission, all the Member Forces were invited to present the impact of digitalization on the day-to-day service and how each Force adapted its actions to these new means, through several projects and devices:


  • The “connected gendarme” project, which aims at increasing mobility for the gendarmes and proximity for the citizens thanks to a mobile equipment provided to each gendarme;
  • The use of digital command and control systems in order to maintain a secure public order climate;
  • The development of tools aiming at speeding up judicial investigations and developing standardized approaches

Additional discussions took place on several topics, more particularly on the follow-up of the works on deontology, the preparation of the FIEP Summit and the upcoming works on drones capabilities and intelligent transportation systems.