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The New Technologies and Logistics Commission was held in Santiago, Chile  between 10th and 11th of January 2017 under the Jordanian presidency The NLT Commission was opened by the General Director of Carabineros de Chile, Bruno Villalobos Krumm who has subsequently underlined the importance of FIEP general topic which becoming the epicenter concern of all nations worldwide.

During the meeting different issues have been discussed such as the FIEP strategy- evolution of the association as well as other important issues such as pursuing the process of admission of new forces within the Association.Many presentations have been delivered, they were in accordance with this year’s general theme “Migrants  Crisis – Balance  between  protection of  migrants  and  national  security”  in term of New Technologies and Logistics perspective and they were as follow:
2017 01 11 NTL Commission FIEP (1) réduit
•    strategic role of information and communication system in refugees protection from the cyber terrorism
•    The New Mobile Technologies oriented to the Migrants Crisis
•    The Use of Technology as an Efficacious Tool in the Intelligence Process aimed at Detecting Activitities that Threathen the National Security.