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This police operation is the result of a researching tasks originated as a result of an anonymous complaint.
Gendarmerie Nacional Argentina, in the framework of the fight against drug trafficking carried out with the support of the Ministry of National Security, seized 5,173 kilograms of 518 grams of pot marijuana hidden in wooden crates. The narcotic was distributed in 5,170 rectangular brick-like packages. This happened in the province of Misiones.

(The province of Misiones is one of the 23 provinces of the Argentine Republic. It is located in the Northeastregion . It limits to the west with Paraguay, of which it is separated by the river Paraná, to the east, north and south with Brazil, by means of the rivers Iguazú, San Antonio, PepiríGuazú and Uruguay, in addition to about 20 km of dry border; And to the southwest with the province of Corrientes by means of the streams Itaembé and Chimiray along with a section of dry border of 30 km.)

Gendarmes from the “Aristóbulodel Valle” police station, belonging to the 9th “Obera” Squadron, received an anonymous complaint that revealed the existence of a warehouse where traffickers would hide crates made to transport drugs to the province of Buenos Aires.
Immediately, notice was given to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office at the city of Oberá,  initiating the investigation and surveillance on the building located at kilometer 925 of National Route No. 14.
As a result of the investigation, the gendarmes observed the entry of a closed-wheeled Chevrolet truck and a Volkwagen Amarok truck with four people who remained on the scene for an hour.

With the help of witnesses, the drawers were opened, corroborating that 5,170 bricks containing “cannabis sativa”, marijuana, were hidden. Throwing a total weight of 5173 kg 518 grams.

Buenos Aires – Argentina, 5th of December 2016

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