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During the FIEP Summit in Vicenza on the 26th of September 2014, it was decided to focus the works of the association for the next 12 months on “the challenges of digital transformation”.

This theme could be dealt with along different aspects, including:

–          contacts and exchanges with the population through the Internet and social networks;

–          tomorrow’s operational tools for the police officers on the ground or the “gendarme on line“;

–          the threats and risks posed by the net to the security of people and goods.

It will offer the opportunity to share experiences and best practices in a forward-looking mode on clearly present-day issues. This will also enable to combine the “new technologies commission” with the annual “Forum on Cybersecurity” (FIC) in Lille (France).

A seminar on the drones will be organised to complete the works along with the Preparatory meeting in September 2015.

The major coming events, under French presidency, will so be:

–          4th to 7th of November, 2014 :      Human resources Commission – Amman (Jordan)

–          19th to 22nd of January, 2015 :      New technologies and logistics Commission – Lille (France) in parallel with the International Forum on cybersecurity (FIC)

–          March 2015 :                                     European affairs Commission – The Hague (The Netherlands)

–          June 2015 :                                        Service organisation Commission – Türkiye

–          September 2015 :                             Preparatory meeting and seminar on UAVs – Paris (France)

–          October 2015 :                                  Summit of the general directors and commanders – Paris (France)