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 The research and inspection team of the National Guard in Sidi Bouzid in the middle-East of Tunisia managed to uncover a Tikfiri cell consisting of 09 elements aged between 21 and 27, including those who had previously been involved in terrorism-related cases and those who were among the terrorist groups in Syria.2018 02 Tunisie
Investigations also revealed that the cell members belong to the so-called terrorist organization “Daesh” and are glorifying their terrorist acts.
They distribute pamphlets in a secretive manner in some educational institutions and organize meetings in one of the mosques in the region to attract the youth group to adopt Takfiri thought

On the basis of information that a terrorist group consisting of between 04 and 06 elements come down at night from Samama mountains Kasserine in the middle of Tunisia to monitor security and military patrolling and raiding nearby houses to seize food.
The National Guard Special unit, after a follow-up of the movements of the terrorist elements for 03 days, set up an ambush on the evening of 20 January 2018 at 17.45 at the Tarbakhana Municipality close to the mountains of Samama.