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16th to 19th October 2012
Sintra, Portugal

The last FIEP Summit took place in Sintra, Portugal, from the 16th to the 19th of October 2012, under Portuguese Presidency.

The Commanders and General Directors of the FIEP Forces, or their representatives, travelled to Portugal and attended the event, which included, among other official acts, the traditional meeting and the official dinner.

All the results achieved during the Portuguese Presidency were highlighted by the Commanders and General Directors, as well as the work developed during the FIEP Meetings held along the year, namely the “Service Organization”, “Human Resources”, “New Technologies and Logistics” and “European Resources” Commissions.

The efforts developed by the FIEP Forces in the sense of promoting the exchange of knowledge, experience and good practices were also appreciated and enhanced during the meeting, as well as the contribution that they give to the preservation of the characteristics and values shared by Gendarmeries and Police Forces with military status.

The improvement of the FIEP activities and the cooperation among the Countries was one of the compromises assumed by all the Commanders and General Directors for the next year.

Once again, the FIEP website ( launched by the Netherlands, was highly appreciated by all the countries as it is bringing great benefits concerning the promotion of the FIEP interests not only internally but also externally, which is seen in the recently received accession requests.

During the Summit, the FIEP Association became enlarged and richer with the accession of Qatar Internal Security Force (Lakhwiya), to which the Observer Status was officially granted, for a period of one year, envisaging the attribution of the Associated Member Status.
As his last official act as President of the FIEP Association, the General Commander of the Guarda Nacional Republicana, Lieutenant General Luís Manuel dos Santos Newton Parreira, officially transferred the FIEP Presidency to the General Director of the Guardia Civil, D. Arsenio Fernández de Mesa Díaz Del Río, within a simple and meaningful ceremony.

All the delegations expressed their higher compliments towards the Portuguese Presidency and the organization of the event, especially for the manner in which they were received and accompanied in Portugal.

Finally, at the end of the Summit, the best wishes were sincerely presented to the Spanish Presidency by all the FIEP Countries within the expectation of great success for the next year.