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Each year, tens of thousands of people are victim of online identity theft. What about you? What to do if you are concerned?


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Opened Facebook page showing your holidays as a profile picture, creation of a blog based on elements of your life, comments posted under your name, bank transaction or mail hacking… These are some of the forms that digital identity theft can take.





How to protect yourself against these actions? By adopting a “cyber-hygiene” through three courses of action.



securitéDISCRETION (regarding the information you provide about yourself);

AWARENESS (in the management of your emails, the choice of your passwords and contacts);

CONTROL (of the data you send).


Online identity theft is a criminal offence.

Do not hesitate to make a complaint if you are a victim and report the violations to the websites involved.


You can find some additional information on this issue on  the Guide on security of personal data issued by the French National commission on IT and liberties (CNIL).