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France – Inauguration of the Judicial Pole of the Gendarmerie nationale

On May 21st, 2015, the Minister of Home affairs and the General Director of the Gendarmerie nationale inaugurated the new site of the Judicial Pole of the Gendarmerie (PJGN) in Pontoise (North of Paris). Several guests coming from the judicial, diplomatic, police and scientific world were able to discover how the gendarmerie adapts its disposal [...]

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Italy-International Seminar “Cybercrime and terrorist threat in the Mediterranean area”. Carabinieri Advanced Institute for Investigative Techniques (Velletri, 18th-22nd May 2015)

The Carabinieri Advanced Institute for Investigative Techniques hosted, from 18th to 22nd May 2015, the international seminar “Cybercrime and terrorist threat in the Mediterranean area”. This event, organized by the Italian Carabinieri at the above mentioned high specialized training centre, was officially opened by the Commander of the Special Operation Department (ROS), Brig.Gen. Mario PARENTE. [...]

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Chile: 88th anniversary of the foundation of the Carabineros

The Carabineros de Chile celebrated the 88th anniversary of their foundation on April 27th, 2015. On this occasion, several military ceremonies took place all over the country. In Santiago, the official ceremony was headed by Mrs Bachelet, president of the Chilean Republic. Several foreign delegations were invited to this event: the China’s People’s Armed Police, [...]

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Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie: dismantling of a huge transnational drug trafficking operation off the coast of Tangier

In the framework of the implementation of the national strategy for fighting against cannabis production and trafficking, started several years ago by the Moroccan authorities, an intervention unit of the maritime Royal Gendarmerie, supported by the Royal Navy, succeeded, on April 18th, 2015, in aborting a transnational trafficking operation involving 9 tons of drugs. This [...]

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How to avoid Internet fraud? Recommendations by the Portuguese Guarda Nacional Republicana

  What is Phishing? It is a form of on-line identity theft. It can consist of any kind of fraud, which may result in the loss of personal data (e.g. credit card numbers, bank account data, authentication and passwords, etc.), almost always with a view to obtain economic gains and benefits.     How can [...]

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The UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations has just awarded the certification of High-level International Course (HIC) organized by the Romanian Gendarmerie at the Application School for Officers in Rosu. This certification, which is the result of a long process and of the work done by all the stakeholders, recognizes the quality of the teaching delivered [...]

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Engagement of the French Gendarmerie for the Airbus A320 crash

Many gendarmes with specialized operational tools were immediately engaged for the crash of the GermanWings A320 in the Alps. On March 24th, 2015, at 10.51 am, the disappearance of an A320 plane was signaled at the Operations Center of the Air Transport Gendarmerie. A helicopter of the Gendarmerie Air squadron of Digne-les-Bains (Alpes de Haute-Provence), [...]

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World Cup Handball Championship 2015

In the evening of January 5th, 2015, the world’s attention turned to Doha that dazzled everyone with an opening ceremony described as unique. While everyone was enjoying the event, there was a group of men, working in the shade, both within the hall or outside the ceremony, or even on the road, performing their important [...]

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Annual meeting between the Sea Forces of the French Gendarmerie and the Spanish Guardia Civil

  The annual meeting between the French Gendarmerie Maritime and the Spanish Fiscal and Borders Command of the Guardia Civil took place at the Guardia Civil Headquarters in Madrid on February 17th and 18th, 2015. The French delegation, headed by Brigadier General Isabelle Guion de Meritens, Commander of the Gendarmerie Maritime, was welcomed by Brigadier [...]

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Handover ceremony of the General Commanders of the Italian Carabinieri

  As of 16th January 2015 the hand-over ceremony between outgoing and incoming General Commanders of the Italian Carabinieri, respectively Lt.Gen. Leonardo Gallitelli and Lt.Gen. Tullio Del Sette (see his CV here), took place in Rome at the "Orlando de Tommaso" barracks, the oldest Carabinieri School, where the Carabinieri War Flag is placed. In the [...]

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