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From March 23rd to 26th, the FIEP Members met during the European Affairs Commission in The Hague, Netherlands.

In addition to the exchanges between the points of contact on topics such as deontology, the strategy of development of the association and the cooperation projects to come, the commission also attended some very interesting presentations on EU cyber defense and security technologic challenges by two European experts from the European Defense Agency and the EU Commission/DG Migration and Home Affairs.

Moreover, an officer from the Dutch Koninklijke Marechaussee presented the 2015-2018 session of EU Police Services Training (EUPST II), which aims at improving the coordination and inter-operation of the participating forces within international stabilization missions and projects, through the organization of common training sessions (for more information on the previous EUPST session, see the official website*)

This meeting was also the occasion for the participants to visit EUROPOL, where they attended a lecture on this institution’s capabilities in the fight against terrorism, organized crime and cybercrime, especially through the European Cybercrime center (EC3).