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The Human Resources Commission took place on 25th and 26th of November 2015, in Casablanca, Morocco. This was the first reunion of the FIEP forces under the Romanian Presidency.

The objective of the Human Resources Commission was to discuss different issues of common interest in the field of human resources and staff training, on the general theme of the FIEP Romanian Presidency, namely “The prevention of radicalization and the exploitation of information in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism”.

The discussions focused on the following specialized topics:
• antiterrorism and counterterrorism – the approach of the two concepts in the FIEP institutions and their tasks on this field;1
• recruitment and selection of staff working in counter-terrorism;
• AT staff training;
• periodical assessment means for the AT staff, etc.

Additional discussions took place on several topics concerning FIEP, particularly the evolution of the Association through the admission of new forces and the spread of the FIEP model in other sub-regions, but also concerning different cooperation projects and seminars.