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During the FIEP Summit in Paris on the 07th of October 2015, the calendar of activities for the year to come was approved, along with the general theme under the Romanian Presidency – “The prevention of radicalization and exploitation of intelligence in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism” that will guide the discussions during the Commissions on each specialty – human resources, new technologies and logistics, European affairs and service organization.

However, besides the regular meetings of the FIEP institutions, including the preparatory meeting of the FIEP Summit and the Reunion of the Superior Council of the General Directors and Commanders itself, there are also other activities that will reunite the FIEP forces during 2016.

The main activities for 2016, under the Romanian Presidency, are the following:

Commissions, preparatory meeting and Summit:

  • November 2015: Human Resources Commission – Casablanca (Morocco)
  • January 2016: New Technologies and Logistics Commission – Spain
  • April: European Affairs Commission – Italy
  • May:  Service Organization Commission – France
  • September: Preparatory meeting – Romania
  • October: Summit of the General Directors and Commanders – Romania

Seminars and training courses:

  • FIEP seminar on “The use of new technologies in the security of major events” in February – organized by the Qatari Lekhwiya Forces;
  • FIEP seminar on “Crisis communication and use of institutional magazines for messages multiplication” – organized by the Romanian Jandarmeria in May;
  • FIEP seminar on “the fight against illegal immigration and trafficking in the Mediterranean area” – organized by the French Gendarmerie Nationale in May;
  • Course for negotiators (in Italian language) – organized by the Italian Arma dei Carabinieri (September-October), a cyclic course for 3 weeks;
  • International staff training exercise (2 weeks in September) and the High-level international course (September to December) – organized by the Romanian Jandarmeria.

All these activities will be the occasion for the FIEP forces to conduct interesting exchanges on their operational experience and best practices, in order to increase the quality of their service to the benefit of the citizens of each country.

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