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The FIEP Human Resources Meeting took place in Rome – Italy, on the past 15th November 2011. The delegations were received and welcomed by the Carabinieri Corps Officers School Commander, Division General Ugo Zottin, who opened the event giving a speech pertaining to the occasion.
The meeting, under the FIEP Portuguese Presidency, was lead by Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Alves, from the Guarda Nacional Republicana, who started by thanking the FIEP Organization and explaining the Presidency´s aspirations in strengthening the training exchange within the FIEP Members, thus considering it as the basis of the future to be built.

After developing the general framework of the meeting and the importance of the theme, presentations were carried out by the participating delegations, each one of them specifying each Country´s implemented training system. The presentations given were, in general, as follows:
–    Italy: presentation given by Colonel Maurizio Stefanizzi on the training system and main framework, within the importance of the human being in the particular field of education;
–    Argentina: intervention by Colonel Ricardo Bonella on the Argentinean training system, listing the subjects and the trainees involved;
–    Morocco: presentation by Lieutenant Amine Lakhal, from the Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie, on the recruitment process and following education – subjects and main schools involved, including duration of courses and recipients at different levels;
–    Chile: intervention presented by Lieutenant Colonel Claudio Marcelo Borquez Bustos, from the Chilean Carabineros, on the Carabineros training system and the local Constitution and legal provision, emphasizing the educational process as the pillar of the Institution;
–    The Netherlands: intervention given by Mrs. Birgitta Verbeek, on the general profile of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and the specific framework of the training organization, giving special relevance to the military mentality to be delivered to the trainees;
–    Spain: intervention by Major Francisco Rodriguez Rosales, from Guardia Civil, on the recruitment system, main training institutes and subjects, as well as career promoting system;
–    Portugal: presentation by Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Alves on the specific framework of the training system within two sides: the planning and strategic one and the execution to be implemented, either in Portugal or abroad;
–    France: presentation given by Colonel Philippe Furmanek on the French Gendarmerie education system, its units and methods, concluding with the future perspectives, towards the importance given to conserve the military status, to consolidate the study of foreign languages and to update training procedures in accordance with the latest technology tools;
–    Romania: intervention by Major Marius Claudiu Giurea, from the Romanian Gendarmerie, showing the Romanian system, which gives, in one hand, responsibility to each Commander in training the personnel, and in the other hand, individual responsibility in maintaining continuous training;
–    Türkiye: presentation by Lieutenant Colonel Sinan Sen, from the Turkish Jandarma, providing general information on the schools command where initial and following training is provided, giving also an approach on the recruitment process and the phases of the training process at different rank levels;
–    Jordania: intervention by Lieutenant Colonel Nael Ibrahim Jarrah, from the Jordanian Darak Forces, on the Institution´s training system, also listing the subjects taught and the trainees involved at different rank levels.

Finally, the common interest in promoting FIEP Courses to be attended by all the countries was highlighted.

FIEP Portuguese Presidency