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In addition to the 2015 FIEP focus on the challenges of digital transformation, general Favier, general director of the gendarmerie nationale and FIEP president, proposed to launch some additional works on deontology and ethic issues. Indeed, in addition to the fundamental values deriving from each of the FIEP countries’ specific constitutional texts and those promoted by international and European institutions, one of the main specificities of the FIEP forces lies in their military values. As a consequence, it seemed relevant to identify the core values shared by all the partners, and study how each of the institutions was organised in order to ensure the compliance of its staff with ethical rules.

In this respect, the general inspectorate of the gendarmerie nationale, in charge of the enforcement of the deontology rules in the French gendarmerie, organised a meeting on February 3rd in Paris, which gathered FIEP deontology experts.

This meeting allowed these experts to exchange on the way how ethical rules are implemented in their forces, thus elaborating a common ground and a set of best practices. This common ground could also be one pillar for the spread of the FIEP model in other parts of the world.