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The Carabineros de Chile present the second edition of its Manual of Doctrine an Ethics Code in order to celebrate its 90th Anniversary on April 2017.  

The first edition was published in 2010, which consolidated and systematized a set of publications issued some decades ago in the institution related to its doctrine and ethics.

The 90th Anniversary of its foundation represents the right moment to reinforce the deep contents of our doctrine – that currently – are necessary to keep credibility and trust of the community. This solid pillar will allow us to transcend in time.    

Beyond than just satisfying the demand produced, when the first edition copies were sold out, this new version has been developed with an updating projection of its contents which was generated to be part of the changes of the Chilean society. A timely reading of the current evolution in the completely modern society permits to give answers that fit better with the new demands emerged from that dynamism.

Likewise, it includes the vision undertaken by our General Director Bruno Villalobos Krumm stated in the Strategic Plan “Frontier of the Security 2016 – 2019”, by part.
The above mentioned should not be seen as a change in Institutional Doctrine. This emanates from our history and is underneath the legacy of generations that preceded and it is demonstrated in solid principles and values transcended in time.

To be in charge of the changes experimented by our society is to honor one of our most relevant principles that states “carabinero is a civil servant”, whose service must adapt permanently to the demands imposed by society.    

As an example, we mention the ethical base of Carabineros founded in its uprighting principles:


1.    Carabinero is a civil servant and a patriot.
2.    Protection of life and human dignity.
3.    Legality.
4.    Military discipline character.
5.    Fulfilment of the preventive duty.

“Tolerance and empathy” are included in personal values. “Honesty” is included in the institutional values.

Within the same terms, our Ethics Code includes a new duty with the community which is to “collaborate with actions that tend to the protection and preservation of environment, as well as the development of the urban space”.  Undoubtedly, the demand that tunes with the world needs and gets more importance.  

In addition – unprecedented – in this second edition, a minute of “Honor Commitment aimed at each uniformed and civil carabinero is included, in order to be committed to the faithful fulfilment of its institutional principles and values, likewise to the duties provided in the Ethical Code.  

The spirit of this “Honor Commitment” is to invite each carabineros to subscribe the minute voluntarily. Understood that our ethical commitment must emanate from the deep personal conviction. This adhesion will be the testimony for each institutional member, he or she, “creates our doctrine that should always be put in practice, taught and transmitted.

2017 09 Doctrine - ChileCeremony for presentation of the 2nd Manual of Doctrine and Ethical Code in Carabineros de Chile, April 12, 2017