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DSCN6858 The Service Organization Commission took place on 24th and 25th of May 2016 in Toulon, France, held in the same time with the International Seminar on Police Missions at Sea.

During the last commission of the FIEP Association in 2016, under the Romanian Presidency, the discussions focused on the following specialized topics: the social media as operational tool and the communication with mass-media in crisis situations, aspects about the religious extremism and radicalization processes as a catalyzer of terrorism, transnational terrorism, the role of intelligence in Counter Terrorism Units, links between terrorism and other criminal offences. Also, some facts were put in attention about migrant smuggling, causes of irregular migration and its modus operandi, the foreign terrorist fighters, the migration phenomenon and the measures taken in order to stabilize the concerned area. These activities highlighted once again the importance to share experiences and best practices with similar institutions from different parts of the world.

Moreover, one interesting point on the agenda was represented by the discussions about the increased interest for our Association showed by several forces outside FIEP and the enlargement process. We could consider that 2016 represents an historical moment since FIEP’s creation in 1994, taking into consideration that it is for the first time when more than five forces expressed their interest to join the Association throughout a year.