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International cybersecurity forum in France

Co-organised by the French gendarmerie nationale, CEIS and Euratechnologies and co-financed by the Nord Pas de Calais-Picardie region, the 8th International cybersecurity forum, also known as FIC, will take place in Lille (France) on January 25th and 26th, 2016. Under the high patronage of the President of the French Republic, this year’s works will be [...]

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Train the trainers course (TOT) in Jordan

Jordan Gendarmerie Forces seek to achieve institutional developments aiming at enhancing its role at local, regional and international levels, and cooperate with corresponding security agencies in the world in order to develop the mutual security concepts based on the best security practices in accordance with the UN and EU Standards. They are looking forward through [...]

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Police forces with military status and international operations

Many FIEP forces are involved in international peace support operations, be they under EU, UN or NATO mandate. The 253th issue of the Revue de la gendarmerie nationale highlights their role in this framework and the challenges they face when deployed in such operations. It presents several points of view from high-level international and French [...]

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The new Commander of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

Lieutenant General H. (Harry) van den Brink EMPM was appointed Commander of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee on 05 November 2015.   Commander of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee The Commander of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee has command of the organisation on behalf of various ministries. These are the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, the [...]

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EUROGENDFOR – First joint training EUCAP Sahel Mali/MINUSMA in Bamako

  This article was first published on the EUROGENDFOR website and is reproduced with EUROGENDFOR's kind consent.   From 3 to 7 August, 2015, the European Union Capacity Building Mission in Mali (EUCAP Sahel Mali) conducted with the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) a first joint training in favor of 15 [...]

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Romania – RoGendIntEx 2015 C.P.P.C.J. Ochiuri – 7th – 11th of September 2015

In the context of Romania holding the CIMIN Presidency of the European Gendarmerie Force, through the Romanian Gendarmerie, the institution organized a very complex international exercise with forces on the ground – „ROMANIAN GENDARMERIE INTERNATIONAL EXERCISE 2015 – RoGendIntEx 2015”. The international exercise, which was held from 7th to 11th of September 2015 in various [...]

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Moroccan and Jordanian cadet officers in Chambord castle

They swapped their grey and black uniforms for the blue one, and put on their new stripes and the gendarmerie cap. Coming from Rabat in Morocco and Amman in Jordan, lieutenant Otmane Boussebaa and captain Ashraf Al-Shra'ah have been following a three-day, full-immersion course in the Loir-et-Cher divisional gendarmerie groupement, in the centre of France. [...]

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Spain – Record seizure of 48 tons of cannabis resin in the province of Cadiz

A historical seizure of drugs was carried out on June 26th, 2015 in Cadiz province, when the Algeciras harbour Guardia Civil services confiscated 48 tons of cannabis resin, hidden in two semitrailers arriving from Tangiers (Morocco). Both drivers were arrested. Investigations continue in order to identify the protagonists of the international network and the final [...]

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Franco-Spanish Mountain rescue exercise

The Belagua sector, in the Navarra region in Spain, was recently the scene of a Franco-Spanish mountain rescue exercise, which gathered 16 Guardia civil and Gendarmerie nationale personnel coming from mountain and helicopter units of Pampelune and Roncal for Spain, Oloron-Sainte-Marie for France. This exercise consisted in the simulation of an accident involving two climbers [...]

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France takes over command of the European Gendarmerie Force Permanent Headquarters

On June 26th, 2015, colonel Francisco Esteban Perez, from the Spanish Guardia civil, was relieved by colonel Philippe Rio, from the French Gendarmerie nationale, as commander of the EUROGENDFOR Permanent Headquarters of Vicenza (Italy). The change of command ceremony was attended by several EUROGENDFOR authorities, among whom the general commander of the Italian Arma dei [...]

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